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Divorce FAQ. 3: Can I legally separate from my spouse without going through a divorce?

A. 3: Not in Florida. In order to be “legally” separated, the couple must file and get a divorce decree from a court of proper jurisdiction. Yahima Suarez, Esq. Yahima Suarez,  A Law Firm, PL info@yslawyers.com 305-456-7158 Any information herein contained is only for…

Divorce FAQ. 2: I was married to my spouse in our home country, can I file for divorce in Florida?

A 2: If the husband and or wife have lived in the State of Florida for more than 6 months with the intention of being residents of the State, then a divorce can be filed in Florida regardless of where the marriage took place….

Time Sharing and Parenting Plans in Florida

In Florida, we tend to continue to say “child custody” and “primary residential custody” as those were the terms used for many years. However, the law has moved from these terms and now we have “parenting plans” and “time sharing” agreements to designate visitation…