About Attorney Yahima Suarez:

Estate Planning is for everybody. I understood this after my daughter was born in 2012. Until that time, I also thought estate planning was for the elderly or the ill. Although it is true that the elderly must have an estate plan in place for sure, late age is definitely not the right time to start planning.

When my daughter was born and I started to think of the mere possibility that I would not be around to care for her and many questions came to mind. Who would raise her and teach her and care for her? How is she going to be raised and how is her upbringing going to be financed? Who is going to manage her assets if she is not yet of age to do it herself? If you think answers to those questions are important, then you need an estate plan.

I have a passion for educating and helping families, individuals and business owners understand their own needs and provide them with the guidance and legal advice to help them achieve their personal, financial and business goals. My ultimate goal is to provide with a comprehensive Estate Plan that gives the client, ultimately, peace of mind.

As part of my goal-oriented estate planning process, I first seek to understand the client’s goals and needs. My advice focuses on how the estate planning documents advance the client’s goals because it is not really about the documents, but about the real-life needs of the person and his or her family. I use plain English so the client knows what he/she needs to do in order to ensure that his/her plan works the way he/she intends. I also speak Spanish fluently, and even though the documents will be drafted in English, I explain their contents to my clients in the Spanish they understand. My personal mission is to make estate planning as accessible, efficient and streamlined as possible so that individuals, families, and business owners are motivated to express their estate planning goals, and families and business partners do not have to deal with the disastrous fallout from a lack of planning.

I am committed to educating families with young children so they have the knowledge and understanding and the tools to decide what plan is best for their family, what guardians are best for their children, what type of financial plan must be put in place to support their children if they are no longer around. I want parents to make sure they are prepared for any event. I want to make sure children are protected.

I help families plan for their own protections in the event of incapacity or to plan for the care of aging parents. No less important, I help individuals in choosing the proper planning needed to protect their businesses and their assets.

Although we focused on Trust -Centered planning, which will usually keep the administration away from the courts or probate proceedings, many of those who come to our office for help upon the death of a loved one already have a will-based plan. In that event, I provide the client with representation in the probate proceedings.

When proper planning has not been put in place on time, and the need for a guardianship arises, I help clients go through the process. In other events, a Guardianship is a necessity, such as in the event of persons with disabilities or minors, and I am here to help.

I feel proud in treating my clients like family, protecting their interests as if they were my own, and making sound recommendations to help them accomplish their planning goals.

In order to stay in-tune with the latest trends and developments in Estate Planning, I became an active member of Wealth Counsel, a national community of top estate planning professionals committed to the highest standard of practice excellence. This collaborative organization, along with attending seminars taught by nationally recognized thought leaders and my State Bar, keeps me on the leading edge of the newest estate planning ideas and approaches.

I believe that effective estate planning is critical to the financial, physical, and emotional well-being of my clients, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the process.

I graduated with a Juris Doctor from St. Thomas University School of Law, 2006 and with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science/English and History from St. Thomas University, Cum- Lade, 2003. I was admitted to the Florida Bar and have been a licensed attorney in good standing since 2006 and I was admitted to practice to the Southern District of Florida, Federal Court, in 2007. I am a member of Wealth Counsel, the National organization for Estate Planning Attorneys, the Florida Bar sections of Real Estate, Elder Law, Estate Planning and Probate.


I welcome the opportunity to bring peace of mind to your life.