900 West 49 Street, Suite 326,
Hialeah, FL 33012

Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of Receptionist at Yahima Suarez, PA.

Job description

We are a growing small law firm who handles Estate Planning and Probate work. We serve our clients and we are proud to provide excellent customer service to our clients. We like our clients to feel like family by providing a welcoming yet very professional environment.

We are looking for a team member that would like to be a part of a team that strives for success. We are welcoming, caring, and very professional.

The position brings an opportunity to grow, learn, and earn incentives, rewards, and bonuses for good performance and for meeting goals.

We are looking for a very positive, assertive individual who is hungry for growth. Please apply only if you are a very positive person.
The position includes the following duties:

__ Answer the Phones in both English and Spanish
__ Schedule appointments
__ Manage the attorney’s calendar
__ Maintain CRM- currently using Lawmatics
__ Follow-up with no shows/pending engagement
__ Follow up with prior clients
__ Maintain electronic and snail mail communication with prospects, prior and current clients.
__ Work on projects as needed.

Minimum Skill / Requirements to qualify

__ Must speak, write and read Spanish
__ Must speak, write and read English at a native or bilingual level. Must be able to use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
__ Must be very assertive, professional, yet welcoming and sweet on the phone.
__ Must be computer literate: able to navigate the internet, research online, use email, adapt quickly to new computer programs or systems, learn by watching tutorials, learn new programs and systems as needed, ie: CRM, Client management software, online phone system, navigate and use social media.
__ Must know Microsoft word, excel, and power point.
__ Must be very organized
__Must be able to keep deadlines.
__ Must have high attention to details.

We are not your average law firm. We care, we genuinely care about you and your success. We believe in team building and teams win together or lose together.

Do you care enough to become part of a team? It is not just about personal accomplishments. Those you will have plenty of, but also about succeeding as a firm.

We are very family oriented. Our clients sometimes are older and sometimes are young with children, and we treat them all like family. This is not a hyperbole. This is who we are.

We are very small and you would be part of the team builders. Are you in for a great experience, a huge professional opportunity, and lots of learning?

Then, make sure you can check all the items below. If you even doubt about one, just don’t apply:

I am:

__ Responsible (I can have the key to the safe of the bank responsible)

__ I am dependable (I will not run away if there is a fire until everyone is out the door and safe)

__ I love learning — the more the better

__ I am a positive person

__ I do not like drama

__ I am ready to achieve more in my life, grow, and be appreciated

__ I can work with others as a team to achieve a common goal

By filling out the information below you certify that you have read the minimum requirements needed for the job above and you have every single one of the minimum Skills/Requirements for the job.

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