1. Customer Service Centered:  We want our clients to feel welcomed when they visit us.  From the time we first speak to our clients, we want the person to feel comfortable with us and what we do.  Our clients become like family and we build long-lasting relationships and serve them for life.  We also speak Spanish, the attorney, and her staff, so if English is not your first language, you can choose to get all the explanations in Spanish too.
  2. Holistic Planning: We plan for more than just your money, but we plan for the person, the assets, and the whole family, including your children, and the passing of those intrinsic values that sometimes are overlooked: morale and family teachings, and values.
  3.  Children First Planning:  If you are a parent, we put children first in planning. We make sure that your plans cover the needs of your minor children first (or your young-adult children) and include the protections they need if we are not there to protect them. Then, we plan for everything else.
  4. No Surprise Billing: We no longer send you a bill After the work is done.  You know before we start working how much it is going to cost you.  You decide what is best for your family and how much you want to spend.  We no longer bill by the hour, only flat fees.
  5. Plan Reviews:  Legal document are famous for sitting in a drawer for years until they are needed. Sometimes when they are needed they are outdated, but it is already too late. So, we remind our clients to review their documents every 1 to 3 years to make sure their documents always work.