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102 years-old and counting . . .

About two years ago I had a client walk into my office with very little difficulty. He was 97 years old. He was ready to put his estate plan in place. The conversation turned more into his cardiologist (the one who over twenty years ago had to put a pacemaker on his heart) did not schedule him for a follow-up visit. He was fine. His only complaint at this age, but a slight loss of balance, but no walker yet.

A few months later I also had the privilege to help update the estate plan for a 97-year-old lady who complained about all her health issues. She was, however, looking very well.  She did use a walker but needed minimal assistance to move around.

Just three days ago, I met my oldest client to-date. This one is going to be hard to beat. My client is 102 years old.  You would say that at that age, there is no longer legal capacity and faculties have deteriorated and he probably came pushed in a wheelchair.

I am very happy to announce that this gentleman is in best health than probably most of us. His mind as sharp as his young great-grandson and not even a walker!! He knew what he wanted and how he wanted it and his grandson was entitled to an opinion but just that. Ah, no hearing aids and NO Glasses — and a great attitude too 🙂

He turned in his driver’s license about a year ago at the insistence of family members. He claims he can still drive perfectly.

I learned about his family history, from the times of Cuba to now and the things he enjoyed and disliked. I learned about his family dynamics and family tree. He knows exactly what’s in the bank and what are his numbers, to the detail.

I am impressed and I feel glorious of being given the opportunity to serve him.

I am adding myself to his next birthday party for sure . . .

Friends: Appreciate life. Live it to the fullest. Do not stress too much. Get your planning in place (do not wait until you are 100– this is an exception, not the rule). Enjoy peace of mind.

Love and Health to you and your family!



Yahima Suarez, PA
Tel. #: 305-456-7158

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