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Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma and Legal Documents

We are under imminent threat of being under the damaging forces of Hurrican Irma.  What do you do with important legal documents during these circumstances? Some tips to follow:

  1. If you are going to a shelter, make sure to take the most important legal documents with you.  You could use a small plastic box with a lid that locks or simply wrap them in plastic. It does not have to be fancy, a trash bag works perfectly.
  2. If you are staying home, use the same method to protect your important legal documents, especially, original documents like passports and Last Wills and Testaments.  Find the place in the house least likely to get flooded or affected by high winds in the worst event that the roof is damaged.  Think of a closet and store the documents in the middle shelf, drawers (not the bottom ones), or even the kitchen cabinets. Again, avoid the top cabinets or the lower ones —
  3. It is not possible to make sure that you have the safest spot, but if you wrap well the documents to avoid water, it is more likely they will survive.

Legal documents are important, but remember that they can always be replaced.  The priority for everyone shall be to be safe in their persons.

Please do NOT forget your pets.  Make arrangments to keep them inside and secured!

Be safe above all and do not wander outside during the storm. Everything can be replaced, life cannot!

See you all well next week!

Warmest Regards,

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Attorney Yahima Suarez Life Planning & Beyond

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