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A reflection on Death . . .

The saying usually goes, the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. I have to defer somehow from the saying and say that the only thing certain in life is death.  The only thing you need in order to die is to be alive. Everything else is relative and unimportant when it comes to dying.

People avoid talking about death while others celebrate it.  Whoever you are, know that this is an important subject.

At the beginning of last year, a good friend and one of the attorneys I respect the most suffered from a heart attack. He was close to dying when he had a second heart attack. He survived.  He is not even 50 and he worked endless hours a week and his legal practice was above his own personal life.

Just last Thursday a very well known attorney in our community passed away. He was only 57.  I did not know Ervin Gonzalez personally, but I knew of his many achievements and his power in the court room.  While I do not know about his personal life, I can assume by my own experience as an attorney, that the stress levels he underwent were above and beyond normal.

Celebrities die of drug use and abuse out of the pressure of the industry and to keep up with the trends and demands of their profession.

As attorneys we take it for absolute truth that to be an attorney you have to be able to handle the stress levels, not complain about it, and get ready to handle more.

If death is certain, why don’t we make it a goal to live a better life?

Feel free to share your thoughts about it. I would love to see what others have to say about the subject.

In the meantime, be happy and take a moment and breath deeply and reflect upon life and relieve at least a drop of that stress!


Yahima Suarez, PA
Life Planning & Beyond

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Attorney Yahima Suarez Life Planning & Beyond

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