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Why Involve your Financial Advisor, Attorney, and Accountant at Your Family Meeting?

Some people might have misgivings about having a third-party advisor present at an otherwise private family gathering, and it is certainly not a mandatory step. However, you might want to consider inviting your financial advisor, estate planning attorney, or accountant to the meeting for the following reasons:

  • The presence of your financial and legal team can add a sense of authority to the conversation, reinforcing that your choices have not been arrived at lightly.
  • With your permission, your team can review the structure of your estate plan with your family, highlight its benefits, and make the meeting easier for you to conduct.
  • In some cases, there might be questions from your family. Your team can, with your permission, answer questions, especially those of a technical nature.

Tailor the role of your financial advisor, attorney, and accountant in your family meeting to your specific needs.

Whoever you include can give a brief presentation of your estate plan as part of the proceedings, or simply be on hand to clarify points.

When appropriate, someone from your team can even act as a facilitator or moderator for the meeting itself.

Best of luck over the holidays! Enjoy them with your loved ones and make the best of your time together. Peace, Love and Wealth for the New Year!

Yahima Suarez, Esq.
Yahima Suarez, PA
Life Planning & Beyond

Yahima Suarez
Yahima Suarez, J.D. Estate Planning for your Family

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