A friend is now gone 

2005 was a year of many surprises and anticipation. It was, however, one of the best years for when Santa arrived. It was no common Santa, it had the usual hat, the usual clothes, and belt but instead of boots, it had four legs!

Baci (kisses in Italian) arrived to our life to stay for over ten precious years. Thank you daddy and Rosi for the special gift.

It was a shared gift nonetheless. As I was finishing my last year of law school and then had to study for the bar, my time was very limited. My mom was his second mom as he was growing up and when it was time for me to leave home and be on my own, Baci shared two homes.

As time went by, he preferred the more serene and structure environment of my mom and Jesu.

He was spoiled. He followed schedules he imposed, like get up from the dinner table and go lay in the sofa, every night. He would not allow Jesu to enjoy a dessert for long. He woke up to clean himself in the bathroom rug every morning with my mom and no matter how old he got, he loved toys.

In 2016 he went to heaven, yes I believe there is a doggy heaven because he was the sweetest little creature ever born!

So I say goodbye to a great friend and a member of my family. We will always love you!

Your family — Yahima

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