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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy father’s day 2015

In the years I have been an attorney, nine this year to be more exact, I have come across many more great fathers than I ever expected. I grew up in a society who thought that the Mother is the utmost and only and that dad is second when it comes to raising children.

I have handled many divorce and establishment of paternity cases where Fathers have made me change a pre-conceived idea that fathers are not at the level of a Mother when it comes to raising their children. To the contrary, Fathers are the perfect complement to the Mother in the raising and upbringing of healthy and happy children.  Those same Fathers are the ones who plan and care for their children and their future.

The law in Florida has changed in recent years to give fathers more access, more responsibility and more involvement in the daily life of their children. Fathers are not just to provide and to support but to change diapers, take to school and to doctor’s visits.  Fathers are to care and design plans to protect their children in the event they are not around, and to name substitute parents (guardians) to step up on unexpected events.

I am glad to see this involvement as I believe that children need both their Mother and Father.

This Sunday, we celebrated Dads! I want to take a moment to make sure I praise those dads who are involved in their children’s lives, are there for them to play, to teach, to guide and to give a good example.  Keep raising the bar, dads!

For Information on naming guardians and on how to protect your children in the event of incapacity of death, CLICK HERE, or give us a call at 305-456-7158 and we will schedule  a Legacy Planning Session for you where we can guide you and help you decide what’s the best planning for you and your family.

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