Memorial Day.

Memorial Day
We don’t celebrate Memorial Day. We Remember. We honor.

We just happened to be traveling this weekend and one of our most important stops during our trip was the current home of the USS Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. The USS Alabama is a survivor of WWII after many battles and stars won in the seas by Japan.


Coming inside the USS Alabama was no ordinary experience. It is not just a museum but the feeling of sailors running through the ship, laboring rapidly. It is a confrontation with the reality of a group of men, brave – possibly very scared at some point – who risked every minute of their lives on this huge ship, armed to the teeth. Many did not return home. Many more were killed by this giant – heavily armed and ready to destroy! With 18-inche-thick walls, the USS Alabama was no easy target to take down.
Our children grow without knowledge of what it takes to be standing where we are now:
Dani at USS Alabama
It is up to us to bring awareness and teach them the value of what they have and the sacrifices on the journey to success.

Hope you had a safe long weekend — now back to work . . .

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