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Do I have to pay for my spouse’s health insurance after we divorce?

Am I liable for my spouse’s healthcare costs after the divorce if we were married for at least 10 years?

Income and debts acquired during the marriage are marital, in the absence of a pre-nuptial agreement. If the debt was acquired during the marriage, either for payment of medical bills, or other expenses, it may be divided equally between the parties or not depending on the circumstances of the case. A spouse may be responsible for paying the other spouse’s health insurance after the divorce if they both agree (and it is included in the marital settlement agreement) or if it is ordered by the Court as part of alimony. The amount of time the parties were marriage will play an important factor for determining if the spouse is entitled to receive alimony.

It is always advised to hire the services of an attorney to make sure to understand what his/her responsibilities are beyond the divorce. The spouse’s responsibility after the divorce will be controlled by the provisions of the parties’ marital settlement agreement and/or the Final Judgment.

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