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A personal note . . . my biggest treasure . . .

photoDear readers, writing about legal issues is fun for me and a way to inform others of important laws that may have an impact in their lives. However, I wanted to share the biggest impact I have had in my life so far. It was not when I left my home country, Cuba, in a small boat and spent 9 months detained at the US Air Force Base in Guantanamo, Cuba; or when I spent very stressful months surviving the first semester of law school; or becoming an attorney after defying the language barriers.

There is so much more to life and to accomplishments than anything material-related. The biggest accomplishment, life-changing event and biggest happiness producer into my life is the moment my daughter Daniela came to my life. The moment I knew she was inside of me, I loved her. The first time I saw her heart beat at 18 days, I loved her more. I cannot explain the moment I actually felt her moving, and later experienced her hiccups, inside my belly.

Nothing compared, however, to when she came to the outer world and I was finally able to hold her in my arms and hug her, and caress her– so delicate, so defenseless, so warm. My heart melted.

Almost four months later the feelings have not subdued but have grown exponentially. Two lights focus on my eyes–two grey stars brighten my darkest nights. There is no complain to sleepless times. There is no complain to never ending preparation time to leave the house. There is no complain to anything that those two grey lights and innocent smile cannot emancipate. The biggest gift of all, I share with you tonight!

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